Valentine’s Day with Verlocal

Valentine’s Day is sort of a dumb holiday. I’m not into cheesy baby’s breath-ridden bouquets, crappy chocolate or mediocre restaurant pre fixe menus. On the other hand, celebrating stuff is fun and it’s nice to have a reason to try something new and unexpected. Enter Verlocal, a platform that connects people through experiences led by locals.

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What does that mean? You can use Verlocal to sign up for a wide range of classes and activities led by local experts. Verlocal is available in several major metro areas including Seattle, and there are tons of intriguing options. Pretty diverse stuff: cooking with cannabis, aerial yoga, and steelhead trout fishing, for example, are all on offer.


Several of the classes would be great for an unexpected Valentine’s Day date, actually. Hands-on Soft Cheesemaking perhaps? Cheese definitely = love. The Hands on Artisan Chocolate Making Class would be another great option. Or you could reenact that Demi Moore Patrick Swayze scene from Ghost in a pottery class. If your date has a sense of humor, you could sign up for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie: enter a room and solve riddles in order to escape…. or get eaten! Romantic!

If you’d like to check out one of Verlocal’s offerings, for Valentine’s Day or otherwise, use the code “Admirer” for a 20% discount on any of Verlocal’s experiences.

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